Parent's Section

At the Oxford Institute, we recognise that it is an important decision for the parents to send their children for a two weeks or four weeks summer course to Oxford. We have therefore gathered some of the information in this section that will be useful to parents in making their decision:

Why Summer Course at Oxford:

The Oxford Institute's summer school will benefit the students in the following ways:

1) Inspire them to study the subject of their choice at the highest level and develop interest among them for learning in general.
2) Impart them with knowledge of the latest discussions in the subject of their choice.
3) Allow them to interact with the best minds in their field of study.
4) Experience and be part of the thousand years' old tradition of learning at the Oxford University.
5) Experience how it is like to live and work at one of the premier centres of learning.
6) Career counselling to discuss their future professional options and develop a plan to achieve their career goals.
7) Leadership potential development and the training in public speaking and debating.
8) English language skills development and improvement.

Health and Safety:

We ensure the Health and Safety of our students and have a stringent plan in place to make their experience smooth and enjoyable.

1) The students are accompanied by the experienced staff members and deans to all venues, residential halls and educational excursions.
2) A member of staff is available at all times to answer any queries that parents may have.
3) A 24 hours hotline is manned to enable parents contact their pupils at any time.
4) All premises at the Sommerville College, University of Oxford are fully secure with monitored entry and exit, CCTV cameras and fire and safety alarms.
5) All premises are fully covered with comprehensive insurance.
6) First Aid is available at all times and during all activities organised by the Institute.
7) Risk assessment is performed for every activity undertaken by the Institute and plans made to mitigate and minimise even the most minor of the risks.

The town of Oxford:

Oxford is one of the most safe town in the UK. It has a very high literacy rate, is multicultural and is visited by millions of visitors, making it one of the most safe and secure town in the country. The academic environment and the thousand years old tradition of learning has also given the town a very sober and serene feel.